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About Us

Company Profile

Shandong Supermaly Generating Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, a well-known domestic generator set manufacturer with annual revenues of more than $ 50 million. The State Torch Program focused on high-tech enterprises, export-oriented key enterprises, and a single champion of Shandong manufacturing industry. Invisible champion of small and medium-sized enterprises and Dengling enterprises  in Shandong Province. Our company is committed to the R&D and manufacturing of power generation set. Have a complete production line of generator sets, covering both land and marine models. It is widely used in telecommunications, hospital shopping malls, community schools, oil and coal, animal husbandry, garbage disposal, food processing, and papermaking. Chemical, starch alcohol, ship transportation and other industries.


Product Series

Supermaly focus on the generator set industry, mastering research, development and production technology of land and marine generator set, can produce a variety of gas and diesel power products, including open type generator sets, silent type generator sets, trailer generator sets, light tower generator sets, container type generator sets, new energy vehicle mobile power station, marine generator sets. The power ranges from 6kw to 2000kw. 

Qualifications and honors
The key high-tech enterprises of National torch plan, key export-oriented enterprises, Chinese patent Shandong star enterprises,
Shandong province recognized enterprise technology center, Shandong province China-Russian new energy power generation cooperative research center,
Weifang manufacturing demonstration enterprises.


Supermaly cloud platform
Looking forward to the information age of "Internet of everything", based on the future trend of Internet of things, intelligence, integration and big data, Supermaly launches the epoch-making "Supermmaly cloud platform". This platform is not only an intelligent cloud monitoring system, but also a comprehensive intelligent platform to improve manufacturing, logistics and transportation, use safety, and after-sales maintenance.

Location service function
Real-time logistics information, anti-stealing, etc

Real-time monitoring function
Use habit collection, equipment failure monitoring, etc

Early warning diagnosis function
Hydropower oil heat comprehensive monitoring and timely warning, etc

Visualization function
Alarm acousto-optic, surveillance video, etc

Wireless transmission function
WIFI, 3G signal transmission

Cloud storage function
Offline operation, storage of fault information, maintenance information, etc

Remote control function
One button start and stop, multi-unit joint control, etc

Triple security function
Product module design, platform security management, rights management

Global Layout

Global supply  chain1

Global supply chain
The company now has established strategic cooperative relations with famous engine and generator enterprises at local and abroad, to produce high quality products with comprehensive advantages in price and technology through the international parts supply system.

International Development

International Development
Based on domestic, outlook the world. The company has actively explored the domestic market and has established supply and marketing relationships with 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. At the same time, the company has the right to import and export, set up branches overseas, and based on high-quality products and services, to expand the overseas market, The products sell well in more than 40 countries and regions such as Europe, Africa, South America, Latin America, Southeast Asia and West Asia.

Domestic And  International  Strategic Cooperation1

Domestic And International Strategic Cooperation
With the high-quality products created by leading technology, the “+Internet” intelligent cloud service platform and the perfect offline after-sales service system, the company has won the favor of many domestic and foreign partners,and established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, America and Europe.


Ludong Project

Ludong Project

Central China Project

Northwest China Project

Central Asia Project

Southeast Asia Project

Eastern Europe Project

North America Project

North part of South America Project

Enterprise Culture


Innovation, quality, efficiency, service, save

Enterprise Vision

Offer brightness and power worldwide.

Corporate Mission

Committed to bring better products and services to customers

Team Concept

Unity, progress, focus, gratitude, openness, sharing

Our History

January the technical transformation of the new energy vehicle mobile power station based on Beidou positioning was carried out;
June the new environmentally-friendly silent generator set project was selected for the development and construction project of the Shandong Peninsula National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone;
July set up the second branch company in Southeast Asia.
August the No.3 workshop went into operation,began to use technology center.

Our History

March Established Southeast Asia branch to set up the first overseas warehouse;
December the chairman was selected into the national 10,000 plan;
The company won the Innovation Award of the City Science and Technology Innovation Competition.

Our History

January we started to develop super silent generator sets.
December Cooperated with tianjin university, introduced teachers from colleges and universities and was selected into the Leading Talents Plan of Yuandu industry.
December built company technology center and No.3 workshop.
The annual export value was nearly 20 million us dollars.

Our History

January it became cummins and Yuchai OEM;
August the company’s technology center was approved by the Shandong Enterprise Technology Center;
December started strategic cooperation with southeast Asia telecom, developed southeast Asian market.

Our History

Multiple projects are included in provincial research projects;
October the new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving marine generator set won the city’s scientific and technological progress award;
December Cooperated with Shandong University to train high-end talents and be included in the dual talent program.

Our History

May Upgrade the biogas generator set production line.
September the National Torch Program production demonstration project was approved.
October listed in the national torch program as a key high-tech enterprise

Our History

May the new environmentally-friendly and energy-saving gas generator sets were included in the national key new products.
September the company established the Sino-Russian Sino-Russian New Energy Power Generation Cooperation Research Center.
September the company moved to Weifang high-tech zone.

Our History

May Building a new factory

Our History

June the environmental diesel generator was successfully put into production.

Our History

Octorber The first phase of Binhai project began construction

Our History

Octorber IOS 9001 Certificate, CE Certificate.
November the first batch of gas generator went off the  assembly line.
December SONCAP Certificate

Our History

JUNE was established in Weifang